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Top 10 Best Pour Over Coffee Makers

Revolution in the coffee industry never sleeps (quite literally). This revolution had us coffee nerds sipping on super brews and cold brews while discussing the proper “grind size”. And now it has given us this magical technique called the “pour over” which promises you complete dominance over every aspect of your brew. From controlling the bloom to getting the just amount of crema on your espresso, you can do it all and do it your way. Keurig coffee makers are the best when it comes to pour over coffee maker.

Revolution in the coffee industry

A true coffee lover understands that making a cup of coffee is an art. An art which your local barista (who doesn’t even spell your name right, on the cup), might not quite grasp.  As you know it, every great piece of art requires time, patience and just the right tools. And here we are to help you pick the best pour over coffee maker for your unique taste.

Best pour over coffee maker 2019 – Top Picks!

1. Sanyo Sangyo Porcelain Pour Over Coffee Maker

Coffee nerds everywhere have two reasons to thank the Japanese for – the magical pour over brewing technique and this beautiful Pour Over Coffee Maker by Sanyo Sangyo!

Made with Japanese porcelain, where ceramic products have been the main craft industry for the past 400 years, this pour over coffee maker is both functional and aesthetic.

With this coffee dripper, you will have complete control over the time, water flow, and the water temperature.

What makes this dripper unique, is the patterned inner walls, which allow the coffee grounds to expand and do their magic.

This pretty little thing is available in 5 different colors. Our personal favorite? The pink one – a reminiscent of Sakura

2. Tanors Ceramic Coffee Dripper

If you are looking for something which looks like a million bucks but doesn’t cost as much then the Tanors Ceramic Coffee Dripper is the perfect choice for you.

The spiral ribbed inner walls not only give this dripper a touch of sophistication but also help in extracting just the right flavor.

The handmade ceramic makes this dripper extremely durable (don’t worry about those butterfingers) and maintains the perfect temperature for that perfect brew.

Each batch makes up to 4 aromatic cups of coffee!

3. Melitta Ready Set Joe Single-Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker

Are you someone who has just started exploring the aromatic world of coffee? Or are you someone who isn’t quite sure, for how long you’d be riding this..umm..third wave?

Then we’d recommend the Melitta Ready Set Joe Single-Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker for you.

This makes up as a perfect kit for newbies since it’s pocket-friendly and extremely easy to clean. And if coffee is the only way that helps you tolerate the early morning traffic then pack up your Melitta Pour Over Coffee Maker and have your cup of joe on the go!

It also comes with a pack of 100 filters, which makes it the perfect caffeine fix on a budget.

Top 4 Filter less Pour Over Coffee Makers

Now if you are keen on riding this third wave of coffee, you might as well do it the right way and go filterless! Cleaning the metal filter might get a little messy, but at least you’ll keep your carbon footprint in check.

If you want to feel less guilty about your 5th Java of the day, then go for the stainless-steel Pour Over Coffee Makers mentioned below.

JavaPresse Pour Over Coffee Maker with Reusable Filter and Stand

The biggest concern for any fastidious barista is the filter not being fine enough to catch everything that is being poured into it. But with JavaPresse’s double-walled, 28-micron stainless steel mesh, one need not worry about the oils and micro-fines slipping into your perfect brew.

The four-inch funnel holder is wide enough to fit perfectly on any mug or a decanter of your choice.

The smart and sleek design of this equipment considerably speeds up your morning ritual of coffee making. This one’s your buddy if you are plan on slow brewing a cuppa on a camping trip.

Maranello Caffé Stainless Steel Reusable Pour Over Coffee Maker with Stand

The Maranello maker is a stainless-steel coffee filter brewer which is easy to carry around and comes with a Cup Stand and Cone Filter Drip Coffee Maker.

The clever design of this coffee maker gives you the option of brewing enough coffee for a single cup or for making 2-4 cups of delicious drip coffee.

What makes this coffee maker even special and one of our personal favorites is its double filter brewing system. The two layers – a micro mesh inner layer and a laser-cut outer layer – ensure that you don’t get a coffee with a cloudy appearance.

The additional dripper filter at the base of the filter cone allows the water to flow completely through the grounds and lets in the flavourful oils and nutrients into the cup.

You may notice that this maker is smaller in size when compared to other makers in the market. But its size works more in its favor than against it, by making it easy to carry around.

Meltera Stainless Steel Single-Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker

It is true that compared to a paper filter, stainless steel filters are complicated to clean and maintain. But with the Meltera Stainless Steel Single-Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker your inner neat freak can calm down a little, thanks to its functional engineering.

The design of this coffee maker is not only beautiful but also quite clever. The detachable stand reduces the cleaning process down to a minute and lets you clean it thoroughly. And if you are really pressed for time, then you can simply detach the maker and throw it in the dishwasher!

The high quality 18/8 stainless steel mesh lets the good stuff in and keeps the bad stuff out, making this coffee maker an all-rounder.

Here, you got a coffee maker which is aesthetically pleasing, has a functional design, is easy to clean and easy to carry – every home barista’s dream come true!

Gooseneck Pour Over Coffee Maker

Nothing ruins a good caffeine fix like those annoying coffee floaters or a black residue at the bottom of the cup!

If you want to avoid this faux pas then all you need is the Gooseneck Pour Over Coffee Maker. Gooseneck’s ultra-fine mesh keeps out the pesky grounds out of your cuppa.

This one comes with a high-grade stainless-steel scooper so you get the perfect amount for a perfect cup.

The Gooseneck is completely dishwater safe, so you need not that waste that caffeine buzz on cleaning your maker.

Get the perfect brew on a budget with the Gooseneck Pour Over Coffee Maker

All you Java Junkies, these Pour Over Coffee Makers are for you….

People might think you are exaggerating when you say you need coffee in an I.V, but only a fellow junkie knows how much truth is in that statement. On such days when one cup is just not enough, these multiple cup coffee makers will come to your rescue

Chemex 8-Cup Classic Series Glass Pour Over Coffee Maker

James Bond uses a Chemex Coffee Maker. Yes, you heard us right.

In the novel, “From Russia with Love”, Ian Fleming had Mr. Bond brew a bold cuppa using a Chemex Coffee Maker.  Mr. Bond might end his days with Martinis which are “shaken, not stirred” but they sure start with a cuppa which is “poured over, not instant”.

Now if this fun little factoid doesn’t make you want to place an order for a Chemex, then let us have you know that this coffee maker is considered as “one of the best-designed products of modern times” and is a part of a collection in the Museum of Modern Art, New York City.

This piece of art lets your brew up to 8 cups of coffee in one go and comes with a wooden spout for that touch of class (quite fitting for Mr. Bond).

Pro-Tip –The bottom of the wooden spout indicates that the carafe is full.

The Chemex pour over allows you to cover the coffee, refrigerate for reheating without any loss of flavor.

The blending of art and science in the design of this coffee maker gives you the purest flavor experience.

Osaka Pour Over Coffee Maker with Reusable Stainless-Steel Filter

The Osaka Pour Over Coffee Maker delivers a seamless brewing experience. This one is a complete package since it comes with a double filter design, borosilicate glass carafe, glass lid to cover up the mouth of the carafe and a heat-resistant collar.

The dual filter is laser cut with an additional ultra-fine mesh to ensure an ultra-pure brew. And the coiled flow channel aids the process of extraction and thereby ensures a coffee with a finish that lasts for minutes.

Borosilicate Glass Carafe simply steals the show with its thermal shock resistance. You don’t have to worry about odors, chemicals or residue making their way into your cup when this Borosilicate Glass Carafe is around.

Another reason why the Osaka Pour Over Coffee maker is so special is, that it comes with a glass lid (made from the same borosilicate glass) which helps in keeping the heat in and essentially makes this kit spill-proof.

Like your coffee steaming hot? Then the heat-resistant collar will let you hold the carafe and pour your coffee as soon as its ready. Plus, the collar comes with a choice of four different colors – green, brown, red and purple. Take your pick!

We would recommend using a medium grind with the Osaka Pour Over Coffee Maker for the perfect brew.

Barista Warrior Pour Over Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter

The most powerful tool in a Barista’s kit is the dripper and Barista Warrior understands that.

What sets this coffee maker apart from the rest in the market is its unique shape. Coffee connoisseurs know that the shape of a carafe affects the flow rate and in turn affects the strength of your brew. This expertly hand-blown glass carafe is crafted to perfection with borosilicate glass

This simple yet elegant kit includes stainless steel permanent coffee filter and a glass carafe.

Start your morning the right way by adding your favorite coffee in the stainless-steel filter, place the filter on beautifully designed carafe and simply pour water through it.

Things to consider before buying pour over coffee maker

Hey, caffeine lover, you!

You reached till this point of the article, which means that you are quite serious about your caffeine fix and how you get it!

Now beware, this is not just another trend. If you are going to adopt the pour over coffee making technique, then you must know that it is a lifestyle choice. You need to think twice before investing in a pour over coffee maker.

The pour-over technique will definitely give you the cuppa of your dreams but it is no easy task. Every coffee fanatic will agree that an aromatic cup of brew is a work of art (if done right, duh) which is only achieved by applying the right coffee science.

From – adding just enough water of just the right temperature (Ah! That beautiful sight of “bloom” is every coffee lover’s heaven) – to letting the good flavor dissolve for just the right amount of time, so that you dodge those nasty flavors – It is a quite a process and an important one because timing is everything when it comes to achieving that brew of your dreams.

Before you jump on the Pour-Over Coffee wagon below are a few important things that you must consider:

Grind, Baby, Grind

Ok, here comes the truth – Even if you buy the fanciest or the most expensive pour over coffee maker out there, it absolutely won’t make a difference if you are not using the right grinder!

Let’s put it this way – your Grinder is the “star” of the movie, your coffee bean is the “exotic actress” (are you thinking of a Columbian Arabica?), the pesky little fines are but of course the “villains” and your pour over coffee maker is the “funny sidekick”, who isn’t really integral to the storyline but pulls the whole movie plot together.

So, invest in a decent ceramic burr grinder before bringing in the pour over coffee maker. If you don’t mind a little “grind” before your morning joe, buy a “hand/manual grinder” and get to work!

If you want to speed up the whole process, you have the option of getting an “electric grinder”

Good things Impatience comes to those who wait

If the above statement rings true for you, then you need to rethink your whole view about coffee and simply head out to the nearest Starbucks.

The pour-over coffee making technique not only requires the right equipment but also demands time and a little patience.

–    Measuring, grinding the coffee beans and boiling the water takes about 7 to 8 minutes (more, if you are using a hand/manual grinder)

–    Consider another 5 to 6 minutes to let the coffee brew (this actually depends on your grind size and personal preference about strength and acidity)

–    Another 5 to 6 minutes to clean, if you are looking to buy pour over coffee maker with a metal filter

If you run on a schedule as tight as the Japanese trains, then you probably want to invest in a pour-over coffee maker which is portable, spill proof and dishwasher friendly.

But if you are someone who would find the time to brew, sit back, enjoy your delectable concoction and maybe just post an Instagram story about your new pour over coffee maker (

#MorningRituals, am I right?) then the Chemex is a perfect choice. Chemex’s aesthetic design might just up your Insta-game.

Wherever I go, you go

Let’s be honest, there are days when you can’t undertake even the menial tasks without a much-needed caffeine jolt. Or maybe you are a camper who would love a cup of joe under the open sky!

In times like these, you can’t haul around a heavy ceramic coffee maker. You’ll need a kit which is light and fits easily in a bag. The Melitta Ready Set Joe Single-Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker will be your perfect travel buddy since it’s not only easy to carry but also easy to clean. Plus, it is practically indestructible and has a light yet sturdy body, perfect for someone like you!

It’s not just a cup of coffee, it’s an art

The pour-over technique can be quite daunting for a beginner. After all, you need to control all the facets of the process such as – understanding the right grind size, getting the right amount and temperature of the water, controlling the time of the brew.

The procedure being manual, it involves a lot of trial and error. But you need not give up!

The beauty lies in the process.

Well, now it’s time you ditched your local barista’s “despreso” for your very own smooth “espresso”!

Just brew it!…