Brand New Eb

Since I started my company in my tiny apartment over 5 years ago while working as a cashier, I have learned so much about both myself and about business. I am eternally grateful for all of the support I have had from the beginning and throughout this process. Creating a brand of products without fillers, without harmful chemicals-products that nourish the body while awakening the senses- has always been my passion and I am truly blessed to be able to do it and to share this with others by creating products everyone can use. With the birth of my beautiful son Liam 2 years ago, I have done a lot of soul searching about what sort of future I am creating, including the future of my brand. There have been a lot of challenges in a marketplace filled with so many products to create a brand image that people would trust in and would stand out over the others.

Sooo… it’s time for a makeover! I wanted to create a new look that captured the essence of Ella’sBotanicals and the quality of the ingredients used in our products. I hope our loyal customers will appreciate these changes and that we can also grow our customer base with our new brand. We haven’t just changed our look, we have also improved many of our formulations and added a few new products.

We work very hard to produce the best quality products which are not only 100% from nature but also perform incredibly well and we want to communicate that to customers. Our new packaging also details the Ella’s story which is really the core of the brand-this brand is about myself, my passion and my family. I hope that through our products, we can contribute to a world where truly natural products, and a truly holistic lifestyle are the mainstream. I hope to share this dream with our loyal customers and all of our new customers who are discovering us for the first time.

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